Announcement (updated on 25 Jun 2020):
Dear customers, we remain fully operational during this period and orders will be fulfilled as per normal. However we have to make some changes to our current shipping options to adapt to the COVID-19 situation.

 International Orders

Economy Air Mail - Postal service with tracking
Current suspended due to significant delays

Although Singapore Postal Service (Economy Air Mail) is still processing international shipments, it has become unreliable due to reduction in international flights. Hence, we strongly discourage you to use this Economy Airmail shipping option if you need to receive our straps within a specific time frame. 

There is currently a high chance of delays due to COVID-19 situation and we are unable to estimate delivery duration, which is dependent on availability of international flights, your country's COVID-19 policies and Postal Service's conditions.

You may visit this link for latest international postal service announcements. 


DHL Express 
The fastest and most reliable option available. 
Usual delivery duration for worldwide major destinations is 2-4 business days. 
Due to COVID-19 situation, please allow additional 1-3 days for delivery.

Currently, we are offering subsidized DHL Express shipping ratesDHL shipping rates are based on your location and purchase amount. 
Take USA, Canada & some European countries for example:

Purchase Amount Subsidized Rates
Below SGD 100 (USD 70) SGD 20 (approx. USD$12.5 or 
€11 )

SGD 100 to SGD 199.99

(USD 70 to USD139.99)

SGD 10 (approx. USD$7 or 

SGD 200 and above

(USD 140 and above)



Local Delivery Within Singapore
No changes, free as always.


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